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2010 Yamaha VX Sport Waverunner

The 2010 Yamaha VX Sport Waverunner comes in cherry red. The Yamaha VX Sport Waverunner is one of the most affordable models that Yamaha offers and still managed to not sacrifice amenities. It comes with a powerful 4-stroke engine that not only helps to save you money on fuel but helps to save the environment too. The 2010 Yamaha VX Sport Waverunner has it all but at a fraction of the price of many other personal watercrafts. If you have been contemplating buying a Yamaha VX Sport you have come to the right place. We have many used and new waverunners for sale.

The 2010 Yamaha VX Sport Waverunner is packed with power and excitement. The engine is a 1052cc, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engine. If you like spending hours out on the water without having to worry about filling up, the VX Sport has a 15.9 gallon gas tank and runs on regular unleaded fuel. It has a dry weight of 736 LBS and can hold up to 3 passengers or 529 LBS. Storage is not a problem with this personal watercraft. It comes with 15.1 gallons of storage.

Not only does the 2010 Yamaha VX Sport Waverunner offer many amenities, it comes with an amazing price tag. One of the best features of the VX Sport is the digital information system. No need to stop what you’re doing to check any of the key functions. A simple glance will tell you everything you need to know. The hull on the Yamaha VX Sport was designed to be very lightweight. This allows it to be a lot faster than many other personal watercrafts on the market today. If you decide at some point you would like to stop and take a swim, it also offers an extra large platform specifically made for swimming.

With a price that just can’t be beat and many other fantastic amenities, the 2010 Yamaha VX Sport Waverunner is hard to pass up. If you have wanted to purchase a Yamaha VX Sport, but weren’t sure where to purchase one, we have many Yamaha VX Sport Waverunners for sale. We also sell many other makes and models of both new and used waverunners. Is it time to sell your old waverunner? We have a lot of experience in getting people the best possible price on their used waverunners.