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Wave Runners

1997 Waverunner

If you are deciding to buy a waverunner for your family it is a great idea to look into used waverunners. They can be cheaper than a new one and cost much less. 1997 waverunners offer a few good choices. If you are planning on buying a used 1997 waverunner than there are a few things you should consider. The first is how often do you plan to use the waverunner? Will it just be a few weekends or every day? This are great questions because the more hours you put on a waverunner motor the more likely it is to malfunction. Which leads to our second question. How many hours are already on the 1997 waverunner? 15-20 is may not seem like much but it is actually very high. Next, you should always examine the body of the waverunner you are looking to purchase. Make sure there are no cracks in the hull. Even a small crack could result in a major problem. The last and most important thing is to turn on the waverunner and make sure it is in working condition. It could end up costing more money to repair a 1997 waverunner than you paid for it. It all of this things seem good to you than purchase your used 1997 waverunner and Enjoy the water and the sun.

1997 Waverunner Models