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Wave Runners

Custom Waverunners

One of the best ways to Customize your Waverunner is by purchasing accessories that will suit your distinct personality. There are many types of PWC accessories out there, Spending the time to figure out what you want to customize will really save you time when you hit the stores. Do an online search and search out some of the different accessories that are available, but be prepared to spend some time going through this process because there are a lot. Here are a few ideas on items that will help create your very own custom waverunner.

The first thing you may want to consider is buying an upgrade kit. There are kits that are a little on the cheaper side but if you are looking for quality expect to pay more money. Air filters are usually an important part of any upgrade kit. Exhaust kits are another upgrade that will really help to improve performance and speed.

Don’t just stick to the maker of your personal watercraft for custom waverunner parts. There are many less know manufactures of parts that produce quality parts. Going with this option will also help to save you money. Some manufactures will stop producing parts for certain older models of water crafts. Many times the lesser know producers will have the pieces that you are looking for.

Waverunner Customizing

Investing in a cooler is a great way to customize your waverunner. Extra storage space that attaches and detaches easily is also a good idea. If you are working on a budget and are really looking to save money buying the things you need online can really help out. Boating stores always have higher prices, but if you are comparing prices of items online to stores be sure to add in shipping and handling cost the items you are looking at online.

If you are looking to seriously make you wave runner your own a custom paint job will achieve this. Look for local paint shops online. Most places online should have prices listed and if they do not there phone number should be easily found. Do not just go with the first place you find, compare prices. Remember if you are looking for a good paint job, expect to pay more money. Before you decide on a place go and check out some of the other PWCs that they have painted. A custom paint job can cost a pretty penny and I’m sure you would hate to spend all that money to end up with something that doesn’t look good.

Custom Waverunner Upgrades

When it comes to custom waverunners there are many ways to upgrade. Purchasing an upgrade kit can really help with performance and up keep. Be sure to search out some not so well known personal watercraft manufactures. They may have the pieces you want at a fraction of the price. Storage is always needed, but look for something that is easy to put on and take off so you do not affect the resale value of your jet ski. If you really want to create a custom Waverunner have it painted to fit your personality.