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Wave Runners

Waverunner Owner’s Manual

There are many things to take into consideration when you decide to purchase a personal watercraft. If you have decided to purchase one new everything for the most part should be in perfect working condition with all the necessary parts. If you have decided to purchase used there are many things you need to look for before you decide to make the buy. One of the most important things you will need is the waverunner owner’s Manual. The owner’s manual is going to have all the information you need if something goes wrong.

Sometimes when you are purchasing a used waverunner the previous owner may not have the manual. If this is the case be sure to talk the seller down, because this is an important part of any jet ski. If your water craft is a newer model it will be easier for you to get your hands on a copy of the Waverunner Owner’s Manual. The first thing you should do is contact the manufacture. They should have a website available, if not call information for the phone number.

Problems can arise if your wave runner is an older model, some companies may discontinue printing of older model manuals. If this is the case Ebay can come in very handy. Do searches for year, make, and model. If no results appear there are still a few other options that are available. There are many forums and blogs on the internet pertaining to jet skis. Find a few different forums and create posts asking if anyone has the year, make, and model of your Waverunner Owner’s Manual. If anyone does, ask if they can sell it to you or if they are willing to make a copy of it and send it to you. Most people in forums and blogs tend to be pretty helpful.

If none of these options work contact local boating stores and arenas. These places may be able to offer some help. If they have a posting board make up a flyer with your name, contact information, and what you are looking for. Most places will have such a board for you to hang your flyer on and don’t be afraid to ask.

The waverunner owner’s manual is a necessary piece to any personal watercraft you may decide to purchase. They will contain important information regarding parts and how to order parts. Waverunner Owner’s Manuals may also contain valuable information on how to fix certain problems that may arise. If you are purchasing a brand new jet ski, make sure that the manual is present and comes with the sale. If you are buying a used waverunner don’t forget to ask if the seller has the owner’s manual. If they do not, good luck with your search.