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Wave Runners

Waverunner Problems

If you have owned a jet ski for some time you may know some of the common issues that can arise. If you recently have purchased a waverunner, the world of wave runners is probably still new to you. All things break down from time to time and upkeep is necessary. Most waverunner problems are fairly common and many times are do it yourself. Sometimes major break downs will occur and you will need to seek a trained professional. Here are some common jet ski problems that arise and some solutions and preventative actions to stop these things from occurring.

Salt Water Damage

Many people like to take their PWCs to the lakes and rivers, while other people enjoy the excitement of the ocean. As much fun as riding in the ocean can be, salt water can be deadly to your wave runner if proper maintenance is not performed. Corrosion is one of the top waverunner problems when it comes to salt water use, but if you always take the proper care you should see as much fun and enjoyment out of saltwater use as you would fresh water use.

Flushing out your waverunner after every use will have the biggest effect in helping to stop corrosion. For the most part this is a very simple procedure and can be done in minimal time. The first step is to find the water injection port and hook a hose to it. This will allow you to flush all the salt water from the engine and inside of your watercraft. A salt dissolver can be found at your local boating store. This should be purchased and used while you are flushing out your PWC.

Additional Waverunner Problems

Other waverunner problems can occur if the exterior of your personal watercraft is not rinsed of after use in the ocean. Carefully spray down the outside of the engine and stay away from anything that may be electrical. Getting these parts wet could lead to larger costly issues. Most people pay special attention when comes to spraying off the engine but the outside of the watercraft should not be over looked. Salt water can also wreak havoc on the vinyl of the seat covers causing them to dry riot. Purchasing a vinyl sealer for your seats can also help to maintain them a lot longer.

The best plan of action to help prevent any waverunner problems from starting is to always clean your wave runner immediately after every salt water usage. You may be under the impression that this process can wait a few hours or a day, but don’t under estimate the corrosive powers of salt. Even within the time frame of a few hours salt can start corrosion. Never under any circumstances leave a jet ski docked in salt water for more than a few hours. This may be fine for fresh water, but leaving you personal watercraft for long periods of time sitting in salt water can cause massive damage.

Tune Up Time for Waverunner Problems

Tuning up your PWC from time to time can really help to stop waverunner problems from starting. The first part of any tune up is making sure that the Jet Ski is always kept clean. Mud and dirt will build up quickly if not cleaned regularly, which have very negative consequences on performance. If something breaks have it fixed immediately. It may not be the wisest idea to buy your watercraft online, but buying parts from an online store will more than likely save you quite a few bucks.

Broken or dirty air filters can cause a lot of Waverunner Problems. Consider buying a better model of air filter. The better the air filter the more performance you will receive from your PWC. They help to move the air through the Jet Ski quicker causing it to run better. Higher performance air filters are a cheaper way to help keep your personal watercraft running well for a longer time.

Another area that needs special attention is the exhaust. Upgrading your exhaust system will not only keep performance up, but will also allow for more speed. An upgraded exhaust will allow for more water to enter your wave runner propelling it forward a lot faster.

Everyone has Waverunner Engine Problems from time to time. After you have had your PWC for a bit, it may be time to consider an engine upgrade. Talk to different manufactures. Many will custom build your engine just how you want it. Now this can be a pricy endeavor, but will not only help to keep your jet ski running longer, but will also give you everything you want in a watercraft.

When you decide to purchase your waverunner you should take some time and research the different issues that can arise. Learn about what things you are capable of solving on your own and which ones you will have to pay to have someone else fix. Salt water can create all types of Waverrunner Problems. always clean your jet ski properly every time you take it for a spin in the ocean. One of the best preventive actions you can take is always giving your personal water craft a tune up. Upgrades are a great way to help stop problem from starting. If you are looking to have years of fun with your PWC, fix all Waverunner Problems as soon as they happen.