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Wave Runners

2001 Waverunner

2001 Waverunners

When buying a used waverunner it is good to look at models that are relatively new. You can buy a 2001 waverunner for cheap if you look around a little and do your research. To make sure you ask all the right questions when purchasing your 2001 waveunner we will go over a few things all jet ski owners should know. How many hours are on the engine? An engine with to many hours on it can be costly to replace if it should break. Has there ever been any mechanical problems in the past? It is always good to know the prior problems just in case they happen again. Check the body and make sure there is no body damage. Look for patches that indicate it has been damaged and fixed. This are just a few good questions to ask when buying a used 2001 waverunner.

2001 Waveunners For Sale