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Wave Runners

How To Winterize A Waverunner

You spent all summer speeding through the channels and rivers on your jet ski. Basking in the sun and enjoying those warm summer days. Those summer days have now come and gone and it is time to pack your waverunner away for the winter. If you have recently just purchased a personal watercraft, you may be wondering, “How to Winterize a Waverunner.”. Many people decide to have it done professionally, but if you have chosen to do it yourself, the next few paragraphs will go over everything you need to know on How to Winterize your Waverunner.

The first step is to drain your personal water craft and give it a through cleaning. After you pull your jet ski out of the water for the season, drain out all the water immediately and let it sit for a bit to make sure it is dried out. The easiest way to complete this is to leave it on the trailer tilted. The water will drain out the back. Once your waverunner is in this position turn it on and rev the engine. This will help to push all the water out. This process should be performed many times. Never leave the engine on for more than 30 seconds at a time, doing this could cause massive damage. Once this is complete, you should transport your waverunner to the spot where you will be winterizing it. You will want to give the outside of the PWC a very good scrubbing making sure any mud or algae build up is completely removed. The next step in the process is to dry both the inside and outside of your jet ski. Take special care to make sure that it is thoroughly dried. Waxing your personal watercraft before you store it is very important.

Step 2 in Winterizing Your Waverunner

The next major step in How to Winterize a Waverunner is preparing the engine and fuel tank. Purchase gas stabilizer and mix it with fuel and fill the tank. You will want to spread the stabilizer throughout the whole engine, so start the wave runner up and let it run for no more than 30 seconds at a time. Having fogging oil on hand will also be needed. The air filter must be removed and the fogging oil sprayed in to the carburetor until the fogging oil makes it stall. All wires must be grounded. Take of all the spark plugs and spray the fogging oil once more into the holes were the spark plugs used to be. You will want some kind of cloth to store in the holes, that used to hold the spark plugs. Do not start your waverunner, but hold down the start button this will push the fogging oil through the engine. Do any necessary clean up of any spilled oil and onto the next phase of How to Winterize a Waverunner.

Special care must also be taken when it comes to battery storage. This step is very important. When you go to remove the battery the negative connection should be taken off first followed by the positive. The place you decide to store the battery should be in a warm dry area. Cold weather will drain and ruin the battery. Routinely check the battery. You do not want the water inside of the battery to dry out. Purchase a trickle charger and have it connected to the battery throughout the winter.

More Waverunner Winterizing Tips

How to Winterize a Waverunner may seem tricky. Here are a few more general tips. You will also want to maintain the trailer. Repairs to the trailer can be a costly expense. Take off the tires and get them out of the cold. Keep them in a dry moist place. Get the trailer of the ground and place it on cinder blocks or jacks. Place something in the exhaust pipe to help keep out animals and bugs. Purchase a cover for you PWC and keep it on your watercraft all winter long.

When it comes time to say good bye to summer, learning How to Winterize your Waverunner is extremely important in the maintenance of your wave runner. First you want to make sure that all water is drained out completely. Once this done taking care of the gas tank and the engine should be next on your list. Remove the battery and keep a close eye on it. These steps may seem time consuming, but they will help to keep your watercraft running for a long time. Winterizing you waverunner is a must.