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Wave Runners

2010 Yamaha FX HO Waverunner

The 2010 Yamaha FX HO Waverunner offers both a slick design and stunning color. The paint job is done in black and gold. The Yamaha FX HO offers almost everything that the more luxurious waverunners offer but with a much better price tag. It comes with a high powered engine, seating, storage, and many modern features. The 2010 Yamaha FX HO Waverunner has it all with a price that can’t be beat. We sell many models of the Yamaha FX HO and many other types of used and new waverunners.

The engine in the 2010 Yamaha FX HO packs a lot of power. It is a 1812cc, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engine. If you like to spend the day cruising around and not having to stop to fill up the gas tank, then the FX HO Waverunner will suit you. It comes with a 18.5 gallon gas tank that takes on regular unleaded fuel. You can take the whole family out on the Yamaha FX HO. It can hold up to 3 passengers or a combined weight of 529 LBS. It also has a dry weight of 805 LBS. Storage is not a problem, it also comes with 26.4 gallons of storage.

For how affordable the 2010 Yamaha FX HO Waverunner is, it’s hard to imagine it comes with all the features it does. It comes with cruise assist. The cruise assist allows the driver to relax and enjoy the ride, while it takes over and keeps a steady speed. Another fantastic feature is no wake mode. The no wake mode slows the waverunner down to 5 miles per hour in a no wake zone. If you worry about security, there is no need to worry with the 2010 Yamaha FX HO, with just the push of a button the security system is set.

The 2010 Yamaha FX HO Waverunner is very affordable and still manages to be top of the line, which makes it very hard for their competitors to compete. If you have been thinking about owning a Yamaha FX HO Waverunner, you have come to the right place. We stock many models of Yamaha FX HO Waverunners and many other top name waverunners both new and used, including Sea-Doo, Honda, and Kawasaki. Is time to sell your used waverunner, so you can make room for your new Yamaha FX HO? We have a well trained qualified sales team that can take all the work out of selling your waverunner.