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Wave Runners

1998 Waverunners

If you are looking to by a used waverunner there are hundreds of models available. 1998 waverunners are great if you are looking for a cheap waverunner that is still in good condition. When ever you purchase a used waverunner you should have it checked out by a professional mechanic that is waverunner qualified. It is a good idea to check the engine and make sure there aren't to many hours on it. A waverunner engine with more than 20 is considered very old. It is not a good idea to buy a waverunner with that many hours it couls end up costing more in repairs than the intial cost you paid.

Before Buying A 1998 Waverunner

There are a few things you should know before buying any waverunner. How often do you plan on using the waverunner? How many people do you want to ride on it? Will you need room to store personal belongings? These are just a few questions you should consider before purchasing your used 1998 waverunner.

List Of 1998 Waverunner Models