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Wave Runners

2003 Waverunner Guide

Below we hope to educate you to some degree on the various makes and models of 2003 waverunners for sale and what you can expect to find on the market today. Read further into some of the technical specifications as well as other interesting information on the different types of 2003 waverunner you can expect to find available for purchase. Before you purchase any vehicle, especially a used vehicle, learn what you need to know to make your experience the most rewarding you possibly can.

2003 WaveRunner Pictures and Specs

Most popularly 2003 waverunners were sold at a length of about 10' (ten feet). A few models were available one footer larger in size, the 11' 2003 wave rider models. The SUV 1200 was especially long for the year, topping the other by atleast 2 feet. This was the longest on our list at 13' (thirteen feet). The average beam figures were on the average 4' (four feet). The differences between models is fairly insignificant other than again for the SUV 1200 out reaching the others one more time at almost 5' (five feet). Now when it comes time to move these bad boys around, weight plays a huge factor in determining your transportation needs. Most of the 2003 waverunners weigh in at about 800 pounds or under. The extreme examples in this case are the super jet which only way about 300 pounds versus say the SR 230 which crushes under the pressure of about 3000 pounds!

2003 WaveRunner Service manual & owner's manual

Many times you can find service manuals, owner's manuals, technical specification, electrical specifications, and all the specs you need on any build of waverunner. All you need to do is either visit a local retailer, or visit the manufacturer's website and take a look around. I'm certain most of the big boys have details spec sheets ready to go at their main web page. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to get your hands on at least the manuals for the used waverunner you're looking to buy, prior to purchasing.

Buying a 2003 Waverunner

When buying your waverunner it's important to know what you are getting into ahead of time. Here we are discussing 2003 waverunners for sale and what makes and models might still be available for sale today. Below you can find a short list of the most popular models of waverunner / waveriders from 2003. So if you are shopping around, these are the ones you are likely to find the most variety with in your travels.

2003 Wave Rider Waverunners

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