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Wave Runners

1999 Waverunners

If you are thinking about purchasing a used waverunner you should look into a 1999 waverunner. They will be used but most should still be in good condition and not to outdated since the jet ski technology has not changed drastically in the last decade. There were quite a few great 1999 waverunners and below is a list of the different top models by the leaders in jet ski manufacturing.

1999 Yamaha Waverunners

1999 Kawasaki Waverunners

1999 Sea Doo Waverunners

When Purchasing a 1999 waverunner or any used waverunner it is a good idea to have it check by a professional mechanic. This way you can be sure you are getting exactly what the person claims to be selling. There is no way for you to tell on your own if the engine or other critical components are in working condition. I waverunner that seems like a deal could end up costing much more than you had planned if it needs repairs.