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2004 Waverunner

2004 Waverunner specifications to be aware of before you buy. Okay so basically we have 2 styles of 2004 waverunner, the normal for the like. We have the models which are approximately 11' (eleven feet) on average in total length. With the smaller being a foot less and the larger being about 2 feet longer, fairly isolated to the SUV 1200 waverunners. Now, if you are looking for a larger boat, you may be more interested in the SR 230 or the AR 230 as these tend to be quite a bit bigger boats. These things generally range around 22 feet in length, give or take a few feet depending on the specific model you choice. These things are almost monsters in weight as well, totaling around 3000 pounds with the longer but lighter models such as the LX 210 weighing at about 2000 pounds. The smaller waverunners for 2004 weigh in between 550 and 825 pounds depending on make and model, with the absolute lightest weight being the Super Jet Waverunner at 300 pounds! Similar to the length, the beam distance varies given the type of waverunner we are looking at. With models like the AR 230 being around eight and a half feet beam length (8' 6 inches) and the smaller waverunner like the FX HO have a little less than half that, at 4 feet on the nose.

2004 Waverunners For Sale

Again it is important to always be informed, you are probably tired of hearing this by now if you have done your fair of research, but there is no enough information crammed in our melons that can save you cash! Know your machine before you seat in the seat of a used 2004 waverunner you have no information about. Did this waverunner previous occupy a spot near the lost city of Atlantis, or has this thing been stored properly and really taken care of over the years. Even those waverunners that are only a few years behind the times can have quickly developed problems that are being passed on to you the new owner! What are the waverunners I should be looking at when it comes to buying a 2004 waverunner? Well below, I have provided a detailed list of some of the most popular waverunnners for sale in 2004. You can get an idea of what makes and models of waverunner were manufactured that year as well as be fairly confident you can still find most of these on the market today, obvious used 2004 waverunners.

2004 Polaris WaveRunner Models

2004 Seadoo WaveRunner Models

2004 Yamaha WaveRunner Models

2004 Kawasaki WaveRunner Models

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