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Wave Runners

How To Ride A Waverunner

How to ride a waverunner. Is that something people think about? I mean, really, you go to your favorite vacation spot, you look out over the water and what do you see, a whole bunch of people laughing, getting wet and having the time of their lives. Are you really thinking about how to ride a waverunner or are you just in a hurry to catch up to the people you’re looking at? Look at them! They’re having so much fun! You just can’t wait to get out there with them! And then you do it. You go to the place renting the waverunners, do all the things required of you in order to consummate the rental and the guy says, “Ok, here’s a life vest. That one’s yours. Have a good time”. It’s at this point you ask yourself, “how to ride a waverunner”? Too late now. The rental guy probably has your driver’s license and credit card information. You’re just going to have to do the best you can. “Wow, hope this is going to be as much fun as I thought”, you wonder to yourself.

So you look at the waverunner you just rented and start thinking about anything you might know about them or anything you have ever seen about them. You have seen pictures of people standing up and holding onto handlebars while splashing through the water. It was like watching someone waterskiing, except there wasn’t any boat pulling them along. But the one you just rented doesn’t look like that. Real quick you look back out to the people on the water. Hey! They’re sitting down! You look at your rental. Yeah! That’s it! All I have to do is sit down on it! So you put on the life vest the guy gave to you when you rented it, sit down and get it started. As slowly as you can you begin to accelerate to get away from the dock. So far, so good. You go slow, at first, until you get out in the open water. Now you relax and start thinking, ”what was I worried about? I know how to ride a waverunner!” As you are moving across the water your mind starts thinking again. What happens if you fall off? You figure you have to swim after it. You weren’t counting on that. You hope that all the other people, distracted by having so much fun, aren’t oblivious to you swimming in the water. And what happens if I fall off and this thing turns upside down? How do I get it upright again? Enough with the thinking, let’s go for it! And you gun the throttle. Next thing you know you’re traveling along the top of the water at 50 miles an hour. Boy is this thing fast! Sure hope I don’t hit something floating in the water.

Enough of the drama. Anytime you are dealing with a machine, it deserves your respect and it deserves any safety precautions you can take. So in answer to the question of how to ride a waverunner, the best answer is always, with safety in mind. Although these waverunners are fun, they are not toys. Keep in mind that this waverunner has a propeller that is inside of a tube and is called an impeller. It could injure someone severely. Also keep in mind that although it is not a boat, it is on the water with boats and it is subject to the same laws as a boat. So there are things to learn about with regard to laws on the water. You should always wear a life vest when riding. For safety purposes, choose a bright color so it can easily be seen by nearby boaters so if you are in the water they may be able to avoid you. Also keep in mind that hitting the water at a high speed “hurts”. If you hit the water traveling at a high speed, you could be knocked unconscious or become injured, which could cause drowning or you could be hit by a boat. If you are pulling someone along on some type of floatation device, keep in mind that the waverunner will handle considerably different. Remember that these waverunners suck water in from under the craft and blow it out the rear. So avoid getting body parts or water debris, such as wood, lines or logs near either the intake or outlet. Learn the correct way to get an overturned waverunner back to the upright position. And, please, always remember to wear the safety tether that attaches to your wrist. In the event you are separated from the waverunner, in other words if you fall off or get thrown off, this will turn the motor OFF. Sounds like a good idea to me! The other thing you will definitely want, is polarized sunglasses, but not the normal kind unless they are being held on securely with a strap. Goggles would be a better suggestion. At the speed that some of these waverunners can travel, the wind can blind you, so a word to the wise.

Lastly, what good would instructions on how to ride a waverunner be if we didn’t offer some tips on emergencies? Know the lay of the land before you head out, or in this case, the lay of the water. Know where to find help if you should need it. Where the closest marina is located is a good thing to know. In these days of easy communication, take a cell phone along. Make sure you have a few emergency numbers you can call. Be sure to keep the cell phone in a waterproof bag. Always have some cash with you and/or a credit card. You never know when they might come in handy. And most important, make sure you have a little paddle with you. It will be your way home in the event of a breakdown and you are unable to reach anyone. There’s nothing worse than being stranding out on the water, on a waverunner, with no way to get back home. Follow these tips and you will have the peace of mind that will really enable you to enjoy yourself and have fun on a waverunner.