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Wave Runners

2010 FZR Yamaha Waverunner

The 2010 FZR Yamaha Waverunner is colored a deep burgundy red and has a sporty finish. The Yamaha FZR seems almost weightless on the water, which makes this power water craft great for speed. If you have also enjoyed racing or are considering taking it up for a hobby, the FZR Waverunner is a great choice. If you are also looking for a waverunner that offers stability and maneuverability, then look no further than the 2010 FZR Yamaha Waverunner. The FZR has two different seating positions. There is the standing position for racing and also the sitting position for that nice afternoon cruise. All around the Yamaha FZR Waverunner offers it all.

The engine on this FZR Yamaha is a 1812cc 4-Cylinder, 4-stroke, supercharged engine.The 4-stroke engine helps to cut down on emissions and saves the driver money on fuel. It takes regular unleaded fuel and can hold up to 18.5 gallons of gas, so no worries about having to stop and fuel up. This waverunner will take you all day and still keep going. Alone it weighs 807 LBS. The FZR can sit up to 2 people or a combined weight of 353 LBS. If you are looking for a waverunner with plenty of storage this model comes with 21.3 gallons of storage.

The 2010 FZR Yamaha Waverunner has so many fantastic features. The hull is made up of a material called NanoXcel, which makes the hull 25% lighter than the average waverunner and allows this power water craft lots of speed. It also comes with the world’s first remote control transmitter, which allows you to activate the security system from up to 30 feet away. The FZR Waverunner also offers a low RPM mode, which can cut the use of fuel by 26% saving you lots of money.

If you have been looking for a waverunner that has alot to offer, then look no further then the 2010 FZR Yamaha Waverunner. It has so many great qualities and a price tag that is hard to beat. We sell FZR models of Yamahas and many other new and used PWCs. Whether you are looking for Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, or Honda Waverunners, we have a very large selection for you to choose from. Have you wanted to sell you FZR Yamaha Waverunner? Let us sell it for you. Are sales staff is ready and waiting to get you the best price imaginable on your waverunner.