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Wave Runners

Waverunner Fishing

Many people choose to fish from a boat, but over the last few years Waverunner Fishing has started to soar in popularity. The concept of fishing off of a jet ski is not a new one. Many trained fishermen have been doing this practice for years. There are many advantages to this sport. The following paragraphs will go over many of the advantages and some of the disadvantages to Waverunner Fishing.

When you hit the open seas in a boat waves and the noise of the engine can easily scare away the fish. When you are on a PWC waves and noise are lowered to a bear minimal. A common downfall to boats is getting your line tangled around the motor. When you are on a personal watercraft this is not an issue, because the propeller is housed inside the watercraft. You may think that a waverunner maybe more difficult to handle in rougher seas, bit this is not the case. They are specifically made to handle and maneuver well in rougher seas. Special care must be taken when you are out in rough waters; it is a lot easier to be thrown of a jet ski, then if you were in a boat.

Decide to always bring a friend when you go waverrunner fishing. Many things can easily go wrong and if you are alone you could be in serious trouble. Launching a full size boat and then bringing it in can take up a good proportion of your fishing time. A wave runner can be unloaded and taken out of the water very simply. Clean up on a boat can be painstaking and tedious, whereas with a waverunner a little spray with the hose and clean up is complete.

When it comes time to winterize a boat there are many things that need to be done. On top of all of that a place must be had for storage and if you don’t have the space to store it yourself, renting a space will cost you a pretty penny. The small size of a jet ski makes it easy to store in a garage or even the yard.

Why Fish in a Waverunner?

A brand new boat can be a pretty big expense. When you average in the expense of gasoline you are looking at a pretty big bill for just a day of fishing. Purchasing a brand new PWC for waverunner fishing can also be a little on the expensive side, but the amount of money you will save on gas will pay for the personal watercraft itself.

There are many accessories that can be purchased for your jet ski that can easily attach and be taken off with little effort. You will want to buy these kinds of accessories. Anything that must be added to your Jet Ski should not be attached by drilling holes. This will ultimately bring down the resale value. Buying items that are removable will also give you the option to put everything away and to have a little fun while you are out on your watercraft. A few accessories you may want to consider bringing are fish finder, GPS, two way radio, cooler, and fishing pole. Always be sure to bring a life jacket and wear it.

Take some time to read and understand all rules and regulations when it comes to Waverunner Fishing. The same laws will apply as if you were fishing off of a boat and be sure to follow all wave runner laws to. Both will apply when Waverunner Fishing. Before you ever thing about heading out on to any open body of water be sure to check with local laws and regulations. Most states now require a boating or PWC license of some sort before you can operate a jet ski. When you are checking up on these things find out where the best place is to put your personal watercraft into the water.

If you love to spend the long summer days out on the open seas searching for fish, it may be worth your time to try waverunner fishing. Even though some people have done this sport for years it is really starting to become a trend. There are many benefits to choosing a watercraft over a boat. Just don’t be scared to get a little wet because you will.