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Used Sea-Doo Wave Runners

Used Sea-Doo Waverunners can be a better idea than buying a new waverunner. If you have been thinking about buying a Sea-Doo Waverunner a used one might be the way to go. With the way the economy has been these days people are left with less dollars for leisurely activities. Just because money is tight, doesn’t mean you should have to give up the things you enjoy. There are many Used Sea-Doo Waverunners on the market today that are selling for fairly cheap. If you are looking to save money there are Used Sea-Doo Waverunners that can be had anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. If you have been worrying about purchasing used because of the idea that you will be buying something in bad condition, this is simply not true. There are many used waverunners out there that are in excellent condition with less than 50 hours on them. We stock a huge selection of Used Sea-Doo Waverunners and many other types of new and used waverunners. We have the perfect waverunner for you and your needs. Here are some of the different types of Used Sea-Doo Waverunners on the market today.

In 1989 Sea-Doo came out with its first waverunner. It was the Sea-Doo SP. The first model came equipped with a 587 yellow motor. Up until 1991, most Sea-Doos had this motor. It had room for two passengers and was a little flimsy on water. If you are looking for a classic used Sea-Doo Waverunner, than the Sea-Doo SP is a great place to start.

In 1990 the Sea-Doo GT was introduced to the market. It was the first three passenger waverunner that Sea-doo marketed. It was also the first waverunner to come with reverse. The engine on the Sea-Doo GT was 587 Twin Carb engine. This used Sea-Doo Waverunner would be a great first time PWC, but it is a little unstable with three people on the back.

1992 brings along a change in the engines of Sea-Doo Waverunners. Sea-Doo decides to do away with the yellow and engine and in its place starts using white engines. The GT model becomes the GTS model. The only thing that really changes with the GTS is the color. If you a looking for a good Used Sea-Doo Waverunner the GTS is a good option.

In 1995 Sea-Doo started to manufacture waverunners with larger engines. The two larger engines were the 787 and the 717. The SP and the SPI both came with 587 engines. The XP model comes with a 717 engine and the EP800 comes with a 787 engine. In 1995 Sea-Doo also released the HX, which is a great single passenger racing waverunner, that has a touring seat which is difficult to find on waverunners now a days.

In 1998 Sea-Doo introduced the 787 RFI fuel injected Rave engine. The GTX came with this new engine. In 1998 the government started cracking down on emissions, so the 781 RFI has better emissions and fuel economy than previous models. It was also the last year for the SP Model. The white engine is also taken off the market and replaced with the silver engine. There are many good used Sea-Doo Waverunners from 1998 still available on the market today.

In 2000 Sea-Doo brings a whole new line of waverunners with bright bold colors. The 947 DI engine is also introduced to the market. For the most part it is the same engine as the 947 carb engine but emissions are a lot better and it does a lot better on gas too. The GTX DI and the RX DI both come with this new model of engine. The LRV makes its first appearance. It is the largest Waverunner that Sea-Doo has ever produced. It was able to sit up to four people.

In 2004 Sea-Doo starts manufacturing a lot more waverunners with four-stroke engines instead of two-stroke engines. 2004 also brought the Supercharged RXP into the lineup. If you have been searching for a great Used Sea-Doo Waverunner than the Supercharged RXP is a great solution.

In 2007 Sea-Doo completely changed the colors on all of their waverunners. The collection also saw the addition of the 155HP RXP other Sea-Doo Waverunners but if you are new to riding waverunners, considering the 155HP RXP might be a great option for a Used Sea-Doo Waverunner.

There are many different models of Used Sea-Doo Waverunners on the market today. Whether you are looking for certain colors, engine, or passenger seating, there is sure to be a used Sea-doo Waverunner to suit your needs. Whatever kind of new or used Waverunnersyou have been searching for, you are sure to find them here. We have a very large selection of used Sea-Doo Waverunners for sale. Has your waverunner been sitting in your garage for a while? Maybe it is time to consider selling it. Let our well trained sales staff take all the work out of selling your waverunner.