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Wave Runners

Sea-Doo Wave Runner

Sea-Doo Waverunners were first developed in the late 60s, by the Bombardier family who owned the company Ski-Doo and by a man named Jacobson. Ski-Doo was a company that mainly manufactured snow-mobiles. The Bombardiers wanted to create a vehicle similar to a snowmobile that would run on water. Jacobsen’s idea was to create a watercraft that would ride on the water such as a motorcycle rides on land. He wanted to create the feeling of open space and the wind in your hair, such as you get on the back of a motorcycle. The Bombardiers and Jacobsen came together and created the first Sea-Doo Waverunner. The first Sea-Doo Waverunners did not do so well. The biggest problem with the first Sea-Doos is the engine technology hadn’t been developed yet. Jacobsen had suggested using rubber and plastic but the Bombarfiers did not agree and corrosion became a big problem with the first Sea-Doo waverunners. The idea was put on hold for 20 years. In 1988 the first Sea-Doo Waverunner was introduced to the market. There are many great reasons to consider buying a Sea-Doo Waverunner. If have been thinking about purchasing a one you have come to the right place. We have a large selection of Sea-Doo Waverunners and many other types of PWC for sale. Here are some of the different models of Sea-Doo Waverunners that are on the market today.