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Kawasaki Wave Runner

The first Kawasaki Waverunners were introduced to the market in 1973. Kawasaki Waverunners are better known as Jet Skies. The engine in the first Kawasaki Waverunner was a 2 stroke, 2 cylinder engine, which gave it a lot of speed for its time. They were a lot smaller than boats and more agile, which made handling a Jet Ski super easy. The first Kawasaki Waverunner took the boating market by storm. It was the first time that something so innovated had entered the market in years.

1977 saw the first mass production of a Kawasaki Waverunner. That was the year the JS400 began production. The hull on the JS400 was an SMC hull. Its popularity soared among water racers. People loved the JS400, but wanted more power. The JS440 was developed. The JS440 was even more powerful than the JS400. Its high performance lead it to be one of the best selling Kawasaki Waverunners of all time.

In 1986 Kawasaki introduced the JS300. The JS300 waverunner was a lot easier to operate compared to former models of Kawasaki Waverunners. What made the JS300 so maneuverable was its lightweight. The JS300 offered at single cylinder, 294, cm3, engine, which also contributed to how easy it was to ride. Another great aspect of the Kawasaki JS300 was how easy it was to maintain. 1986 saw a new breed of waverunners developed by Kawasaki. Kawasaki Waverunners put out a model that could sit two people, the 650SL. The 650SL also offered two different seating positions, standing and sitting. The engine in the 650SL 2 stroke 52 HP engine, which gave it a lot of speed compared to other waverunners of its day. The new design of the 560 SL also made for a quieter version of the waverunner.

1989 saw the innovation of the JET MATE. It had the engine and the design of the 650 class, but was built with a large three passenger seat. The JET MATE offered a lot of stability compared to other models in its class. Some other new technologies it came with were a joy stick control and reverse. The JET MATE also came with towing ability.

In 1992 the 750ss was developed. This was the most powerful waverunner that Kawasaki Waverunners had developed so far. The engine was a 2 cylinder, 744, cm3 engine. The 750ss was more comfortably then most other waverunners. It had rubber engine mounts installed to help lessen the vibration. The 750ss also came with plenty of storage and extra large gas tank for all day fun.

1995 brought about the first 3 cylinder model of Kawasaki waverunners. The 900ZXi was super powerful and performed very well. Some other great features that the 900ZXi offered were water proof magnetic ignition key, electric ignition, and adjustable review mirrors. The 900ZXi was such a fantastic waverunner that it made waverunner of the year in 1995.

In 1997 the 1100 STX was introduced to the market. The hull was made of fiberglass which made this waverunner a lot lighter. The engine was also lighter than many other waverunners in its class. Kawasaki Waverunners added a three passenger seat the 1100 STX which made it great for taking the family out for a day of fun on the water. The 1100 STX’s strength and durability made it great for using in salt water.

2000 called for cleaner emissions and more fuel efficient waverunners, that’s way Kawasaki Waverunners developed the 1100 STX D.I. The new 2 stroke engine helped to significantly reduce emissions. It also offered 30% less fuel consumption and 50% less oil consumption than other waverunners. This made it cheaper for people to own and operate a 1100 STX D.I. waverunner.

In 2003 Kawasaki once again revolutionized the world of waverunners. It introduced its first 4 stroke engine to the market. The STX-12F offered an explosive amount of power with its 4 cylinder Ninja ZX-12R engine. The STX-12F emissions were cleaner than other waverunners, it used less fuel, and it was very quiet. The STX-12F also offered plenty of storage and towing ability. The Kawasaki STX-12F offered it all.

Kawasaki Waverunners have come a long way since they were first introduced in 1973. They started out with just 1 stroke engines and are now 4 stroke engines, which mean better emissions, better fuel economy, and a lot less noise. This models talked about are just a few of the Kawasaki Waverunners that are available. If you have been thinking of purchasing a Kawasaki Waverunner you have come to the right place. We have a large selection of both new and used Kawasaki Waverunners for sale. Whatever your budget is we have something to suit your needs. Have you been considering selling your Kawasaki Waverunner? Let us sell it for you.